AURORA Piano Art School




To my potential students:

If there is one thing that I have learned in my 35 years of experience teaching piano, it is that passion is contagious.

As a teacher, I share my passion for music with my students and would like them to fall in love with it: to enjoy listening to and performing music. Learning to play the piano involves acquiring technical skills as well as the more fine abilities such as having control of the dynamics and sound. As my student, you will learn to be critical of your performance, as well as the performance of others. We also go over music grammar, sight-reading, and some history and theory. By taking piano lessons, not only will you develop your artistic and musical abilities, but you will also learn to concentrate on a variety of different tasks, manage your time, and work independently.

This may sound like a lot, and it is. But what is so great about it is that learning music will help you to think in different ways, and to appreciate sounds as one would appreciate literature or art. They are all the same thing, just in a different medium.

Under my tutelage, you will expand your horizons, learn about the world of music, its artistic and technical aspects, and hopefully, become passionate about it as well. Together we will learn your own personal sensibilities, and I will use all my experience to help you in your artistic endeavors. Through the instrument of the piano, hopefully, you will also learn about yourself. Aren't you curious?

I look forward to having you as my student,